St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church | Spring, Texas

An axial relationship among the worship facility's elements establishes a connection of the sacred space to the city

The new parish worship facility for St. Ignatius Loyola is located in Spring, Texas, north of Houston. The sanctuary is positioned on the site to complete the master plan that RHA had previously generated. An axial relationship between the entry drive, entry plaza, narthex entry, baptismal font and altar establishes a connection of the sacred space to the city, which is reinforced by the transparent entrances in the narthex. The elevation of the floor provides an opportunity to establish a vertical hierarchy within the axial relationship with the altar platform serving as the highest elevation along this alignment.

The floor plan is based on a modified Greek cross/central organizational diagram with the altar occupying the apex of the fan shape. The reservation chapel, screened by translucent glass, is situated within the main sanctuary space flanking the altar. Signifying the importance of the altar, the lantern above brings in natural light tempered by suspended translucent panels. The roof forms a continuous plane that folds up to meet the lantern and down to the main entrance. The narthex cross axis is terminated by the Day Chapel, which is separated from the main roof form.

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