Impact Church of The Woodlands | The Woodlands, Texas

A master plan to make the highest best use of a 5.8-acre site and to account for future growth

Master planning for Impact Church of the Woodlands (formerly St. Paul Church of the Woodlands) began with a programming and needs assessment study to analyze current growth and church operations along with the potential “highest, best” use of its 5.8-acre site in the heart of The Woodlands. This exercise resulted in an ultimate building and site development program to accommodate approximately 600 people on the campus at a time.

The plan for growth was predicated on the church’s need to 1) maintain operation of its existing 6,000SF one-story building, 2) salvage all existing parking, 3) connect the new and existing parking to the adjacent parking, and 4) grow in logical, affordable stages.

The comprehensive plan provides for development in phases to allow for the growth of the congregation and to best meet its needs in the interim. The strategy of the master plan allows for the necessary phasing while maintaining all critical functions at each stage of development. Phase 1 is a two-story multipurpose building to provide interim worship, fellowship, recreation and education space. It features a full-size competition gymnasium with an adjoining stage/platform, food service and other supporting ancillary facilities. Future phases include the worship center and music suite, a two-story education building and an administration building. All development is subject to the stringent site and building design criteria of The Woodlands.

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